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The imperial style ship "Qianlong" possesses the strongest national characteristics of all the ships on the Yangtze River. It looks like a dragon and the dragon symbolizes China and reflects the Chinese people's national spirit. The excellent food, beautiful accommodations and a standard service formerly available only to the royal family make a voyage on the Qianlong reminiscent of the life style and luxury the emperors enjoyed during the most prosperous periods of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911).

The 'Qianlong' reflects the life style and customs of the Kangxi and Qianlong periods of the Qing Dynasty. It combines the Han people's exquisite taste with the Manzhu people's boldness. It contains several decks and many cabins. Visitors praise it as a work of art for its carted beams, painted rafters, winding corridors, marble railings and golden sculptures.

Carved on the doors. Walls and pillars of the reception hall are floating clouds and flying dragons. Some of the dragons are frolicking with one another, and some fiercely stare at one another. Some swallow clouds and spit mist, and others hide their heads but expose their tails.

In fact, the dragon is the main decorative theme used throughout the ship. Dragons in various postures can be found everywhere. They are not only to he found on the beams and painted rafters but also appear in the form of dragon beds and dragon chairs Dragon flags and dragon robes can be found in the cabins and dragon shaped, tableware and food can he found in the dining rooms. In addition, musical instruments, cards and chess, paintings and calligraphy and songs and dances performed on hoard the ship all take the dragon as their theme. The interior is decorated with five colored antique palace lanterns. The red lacquered doors are as thick and clear as mirrors. The huge carved immortals and Buddhas are lifelike. In such an atmosphere, the ships passengers will feel happy and gay.

All the waiters and waitresses working on the "Qianlong" are well-trained. They are familiar with the Qing Dynasty's court life and with ordinary people's needs and understand modern management techniques. They dress in Qing Dynasty style costumes and serve passengers with the most care. Passengers will have a chance to see a wide selection of Qing dynasty costumes, including typical cheongsams mandarin jackets and high shoes, in addition to pheasant like hair style and the long pigtails worn during the Qing Dynasty. They will also have a chance to wear the yellow Silk robes that rich people often wore in the past. They can fully enjoy the luxurious life of the imperial family.

The ship's dining room can accommodate 180 passengers at one time. Its veteran chefs can offer dinners a wide variety of exquisite dishes, including carmine rice, green, pink or white polished glutinous rice, sturgeon, soft shelled turtle, venison, deer tongue and prawn. In addition, passengers may enjoy Jiangsu-style 'Pickled Goose Foot', Sichuan-style 'Pork Soaked in Oil with Beans?ˉ, Shanxi-style 'Knife Sliced Noodles'. Nanjing-style 'Chinese Rose Cakes' and Yangzhou style 'Stewed Pig's Trotters with Ham'. What a joy it is for passengers cladding in silk robes to make new friends and enjoy delicious food and drink while viewing beautiful flowers and the crescent moon together!

The ship has eighty cabins, two of which are of special imperial style suites built to resemble the emperor's temporary dwellings and decorated with red carpets, chairs with red embroidered backs and black fox skin pillow seats, mattresses made of white fox skin, covers made of marten and tiger skins, embroidered bed curtains and colorful screens. Waiters and waitresses will report the time and wish good health to the passengers in the morning and the evening. All these add interest to passengers voyage.

Buddhism was practiced all over China during the Qing Dynasty. The "Qianlong" therefore has several halls in which special Buddhist services are offered. Waiters and waitresses will see off the kitchen God, sweep the ancestral hall, arrange sacrificial offerings and hang pictures of gods and Buddhas...

There are 9,999 dragons in different shapes and sizes on the "Qianlong". While sightseeing along the "Three Gorges", passengers may also try to find the 9,999 dragons. Anyone who can count all the 9,999 dragons will win a prize of RMB 1,000.000.

vers-aval: Chongqing > Yichang (4 days)

Chongqing > Yichang

Jour1 Board the ship from 5:00pm to 10:00pm for overnight accomodation(Dinner is not included).
Jour2 Departs Chongqing at 8:00am. Shore excursion to Fengdu Ghost City.
Jour3 Shore excursion to Shennong stream (1:00pm-5:00pm). Before that, you also have the option of visiting the White Emperor City(6:00-8:30am).
Jour4 Shore excursion to The Three Gorges Dam Site. Arrive in Yichang at 11:00am.

vers-amont: Yichang > Chongqing (5 days)

Yichang > Chongqing

Jour1 Board the ship from 5:00pm to 10:00pm for overnight accomodation.
Jour2 Shore excursion to the Three Gorges Dam Site
Jour3 Shore excursion to Lesser Three Gorges(9:00am-1:00pm).
Jour4 Shore excursion to New Wanxian County or Fengdu Ghost City (8:00-11:00am).
Jour5 Arrives in Chongqing at 9:00am.

Équipements à bord

Comptoir service avec dépôtYes GymnaseYes SaunaYes
MassageYes Institut de beautéYes Service médical Yes
Salle de jeu pour les enfantsYes Pont tenteYes Pont d'observation extérieurYes
Pont d'observation jointYes Eau minérale offerteYes Centre d'affaires: Internet, Fax, copieur,Imprimeur, Télécommunication InternationaleYes
MagasinYes Salle de réunion Yes Salle d'entrevueYes
Salles de multifonctionYes Salle de carteYes CasinosYes
FumoirYes LibrairieYes Live ReprésentationYes
DiscoYes Salle à manger au style chinois et occidentalYes Salle de banquetYes
Bar / CaféYes TélévisionYes KaraokéYes
ClimatisationYes Cabine avec balconYes

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Programms Recommandés Gratuits A Bord

Taiji Learning Cocktail de bienvenue par le capitaine

Taiji Learning Cabaret

Notre équipe donne un spectacle qui ne peut pas être manqué! Le chant, la danse, la musique! Le spectacle de cabaret est aussi une occasion pour des talents particuliers des passagers, ça peut être jouer des jambes ou rouler la langue... Toutes les choses! C'est une opportunité formidable de se détendre et profiter de la croisière sur le Yangtsé.


Standard Room of Dragon

Standard Room

Deluxe Suite of Dragon

Deluxe Suite

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Dragon of Dragon


Dining Hall of Dragon

Dining Hall

Bar of Dragon


Standard Room of Dragon

Standard Room

Deluxe Suite of Dragon

Deluxe Suite

Summer Palace of Dragon

Summer Palace

Summer Palace of Dragon

Summer Palace

Prix Inclus:

  • Prix d'entrée: Excursions à terre énumérées dans l'itinéraire
  • Repas: Repas de la journée à bord.
  • Chambre: Séjour pour un départ du matin ( à l'exception de Victoria croisière de Chongqing à Shanghai ). Une couchette dans la cabine comme spécifié dans l'itinéraire.
  • Charge de service et taxe de gouvernement.

Prix Exclut:

  • Transferts: Entre l'aéroport / hôtel et le terminal de passagers dans chaque ville.
  • Dépenses de personnel: Charges d'une nature purement personnelle comme la lessive, les boissons, fax, appels téléphoniques, les activités facultatives, des visites ou des repas qui ne sont pas inclus dans l'itinéraire.
  • Supplément chambre individuelle sera applicable si vous voulez occuper une cabine (deux persones en général) vous-même.
  • Frais de service, pourboires pour les guides.
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